Our Story:

Welcome to Kennedy’s Heartfelt Promise, where we seek to soothe the discomforts of daily life with a simple, intentional gift that represents something much more significant. Where we lift each other up with words of affirmation and support and believe in the importance of community. Located in Austin, TX, Kennedy’s Heartfelt Promise is the creator and independent distributor of Kennedy’s heartfelt, miniature felt hearts. Each heart contains a message pocket, where words of support, love, and inspiration can be tucked away for the intended recipient. Kennedy was inspired to start this product line when a 2000-mile move across the country gave her tremendous anxiety. Our hope is that our hearts provide others with comfort, security, and confidence to carry on through whatever life throws their way. 

Our hearts

Our felt heart product lines are designed with the consumer in mind. We hope that our simple, streamlined color patterns simplify your selection process. Choose a color line, and while the exact color may vary, your heart will be delivered individually packaged with a muslin “promise” bag for storing. Within the packaging, you will find a selection of poems, which you can cut and fold to tuck away in the message pocket –or write your own special message to share. 

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